Most seniors want to remain in their homes as long as possible to maintain their independence. Your home holds many years of precious memories with your family and long-time friends. “Aging in place” is the term that gives you the ability to stay in your home and neighbourhood that you’re familiar with and avoid the disruption and expense of having to move to an assisted living facility. Compare the cost of renovating to the cost of moving to an assisted living facility.

Modifications with accessibility in mind must be made if the decision to remain in your home has been established. Early planning will ensure that you will be prepared for these changes in your health and mobility down the road. The modifications have to fit your current lifestyle and needs, yet also keep you safe and support you as you age. There are many renovations that can be made throughout your home to ensure that it will be safe and comfortable including:

  • Widen doorways, hallways & install larger doors
  • Replace doorknobs with levered handles
  • Install pocket doors
  • Install non-slip flooring
  • Install handrails to all stairs
  • Increase lighting in all areas
  • Install pull-out pantry/cabinets
  • Lower counter tops to 30″ in height for ease of access
  • Install grab bars/hand rails in bathroom
  • Install a roll-in shower
  • Install a raised toilet

We can help make your home modifications safe, while also maintaining its cozy feel.