Often clients get so excited about their project that they start using the internet to shop for windows, doors, tubs, vanities, faucets, etc. Then, they think that they’ve found a really good deal that’s better than what’s been suggested by the renovator. However; that’s usually not the case. Some questions that should be asked before ordering online:

  • What’s the guarantee and/or warranty and who will have the hassle of dealing with any claims? You won’t have a problem with getting damaged, ill working items or missing parts getting replaced when they are supplied and installed by a renovator
  • Have you considered the cost of installation extras? For instance, vanities and plumbing fixtures require extra materials when installing that are not included in the price of just the item. When a renovator provides these things installed, it includes all those little extras as well as the labour and the peace of mind that any problems will be looked after by the builder
  • Does the tub come with a drain or does that have to be ordered extra?
  • Is the sink/tub you chose compatible with the faucets that you chose?
  • Sale items often have to be purchased immediately. Who will store it?
  • Items on the internet may no longer be available when they are actually needed. That can cause unnecessary delays and expenses.
  • Are there shipping costs, duty, how does it get to the site where it is needed?

The list goes on, but you get the idea that your renovator has already shopped for the best quality and service that will save money and headaches in the long run.