Your dog has a take on your renovation

Suppose your dog could talk. 

And suppose you’re thinking about a renovation of your main floor, maybe also landscaping the backyard. 

Imagine yourself asking your dog if she or he has any ideas about the way things should go.

Such a conversation could be the beginning of a really great environment not only for your dog, but for the people in your family, too. (Happy dog, happy you and all that.)

Let’s say you announce to your dog you’re going to start looking for a renovator, and at this stage all ideas are welcome, so it’s time to speak – er, bark – up.

“Tell them to build me a piece of heaven outdoors,” Doggie might say, “and while you’re at it, indoors, too.”

With a scratch of the head, Doggie might get more specific as the ideas begin to unfold. Here are some possibilities.

  • A little “ante-room” for Doggie, with a dog door that swings in and out but without allowing cold or hot air to interfere with the comfort of your home.
  • A clean-up sink or small shower with storage for wet paw towels.
  • A special place indoors just for Doggie.
  • A cleanable, hose-able backyard area for, you know.
  • Easily-to-shovel walkways to allow Doggie to get to winter “business” ‒ perhaps narrow sidewalks or paved paths. (Doggie adds: heated would be nice. And offers this thought: you wouldn’t have to wrestle with snow and ice.)
  • Shade for Doggie (and humans) in the form of strategically-placed trees or stylish overhang.
  • An elegant and insulated dog house (Doggie would really like this) in the same colours and style as your house.
  • Good fencing for your yard or at least for the part that Doggie inhabits.
  • Benches and gardens for humans so they can sit in beauty and comfort while they pet Doggie. (Doggie’s favourite.)
  • Perhaps a side-yard with room for furniture and an eating area where Doggie is not allowed, especially when guests who are not “dog people” visit. (Doggie thinks this is entirely unnecessary and even a bit insulting, but...)

Of course, you will be loved by Doggie no matter what you do. 

But paws are crossed for this thoughtful, practical, aspect of your renovation.