Do the holidays have you even more excited about your home renovation plans? Perhaps your neighbour’s kitchen renovation wowed all of the guests at their last party. Or your co-worker’s new basement living space has you thinking more and more about your income property possibilities. Now imagine yourself hosting next year’s holiday gatherings, wowing all of your guests with your new space. Can you picture it?

If you’ve made the decision to make a major home transformation so that you love where you live, it’s time to wrap your head around some of the major decisions you’ll be making over the next few months. One of the most important decisions is whether or not to work with a design-build company. [Spoiler alert: the answer is a resounding yes!]


The entire project is designed and built by one company, saving you time and money, and providing you with the custom design you’re looking for.


If you opt to manage your own project and have more than one sub-contractor at your home at the same time, you are subject to all construction site health and safety laws. Imagine what would happen if the worst should happen. You would be responsible. This is a risk that we strongly recommend avoiding – one of the many benefits of working with Lagois Design-Build-Renovate is protection.


Another benefit of working with Lagois Design-Build-Renovate is to help you keep the project on track and to finish on time. One of the reasons so many self-managed renovation projects fall behind and go over budget is that the sub-contractors get called away to other projects and leave individual homeowners waiting in the wings. Why does this happen?

Simply put, homeowners can’t offer the a steady line-up of work. In essence, homeowners who decide to manage their renovation on their own are competing with general contractors for the time and talent of the best builders, installers and other sub-trades in the area. Good news for our clients. Lagois Design-Build-Renovate always wins!


One word: relationships. We’ve earned the loyalty and respect of our preferred sub-contractors, suppliers, City administrators and more. These relationships translate into homeowners having their work progressing and finishing on time.

When you choose a reputable design-build-renovate company like Lagois, you’re going to be on the receiving end of the loyalty and commitment from the best of Ottawa’s sub-contractors. Our carefully vetted list of sub-contractors are the best in their field and capable of matching our high standards. Not only are you saving yourself the headaches of managing the workers who will be in your home, but you give yourself the peace of mind that all health and safety regulations will be strictly followed. Plus Lagois Design-Build-Renovates promises that workers will not smoke anywhere on your property, play loud music, or leave their garbage for you to pick up.


When you work with Lagois Design-Build-Renovate, you will benefit from our well-established relationships going back 30+ years. Here are a few areas where we have a leg up on things:

  • The City of Ottawa processes our drawings quickly
  • Our sub-trades commit to our timelines
  • Our suppliers fight for us tooth and nail (err, hammer and nail!) for us to make sure we have everything we need

These relationships are the backbone of our promise to our clients to deliver On Time, On Budget. Check out our testimonials if you haven’t already!


December/January is the time of year for you to put the wheels in motion for spring and summer renovations. As Ottawa’s renovation specialists, we’re gearing up to work on our design-build and custom home projects that will take us through the spring and summer seasons and we remind homeowners that it’s important to contact your general contractor early so that you’re included before the season’s project count is maxed out.

So? Are you ready to get the ball rolling? Give us a call today and we’ll help you get your project underway!