Sure, when it was just the two of you, it was cute and oh-so-cozy to live in a small home. Fast forward five years. Two kids, a dog, a cat and maybe a hamster or two later and your love nest isn’t quite as cozy anymore.

Although living in a small home usually makes sense financially, the question of whether the day-to-day challenges of living in a cramped space are really worth it. Here are several points to keep in mind when you’re deciding on whether to stay in your too-close-for-comfort living space or if it’s time for a facelift or renovation.

Lack of Privacy:

We all need our own personal ‘space’ from time to time in order to maintain our sanity. Living with family members and nearly tripping over one another on a daily basis can create conflicts, which in turn leads to unnecessary stress. Enlarging your living area would sustain harmony and ensure that each family member can escape to their own space if need be.

Lack of Storage Space:

Are you constantly shuffling your ‘stuff’ from one place to another to make your home look tidier? Are your items mysteriously disappearing and ending up in other family member’s space or do they often just plain disappear? An expanded living space would make for smoother organization throughout, along with maximized use of that increased space.

Too Much Clutter:

Aside from being a potential fire hazard, too much clutter in your home can demand a large amount of your time, as you’re constantly searching for lost or moved items. This is precious time that could be better spent and more focused on doing things that you actually enjoy.

Entertaining Challenges:

You would love to invite friends for dinner, but you look around and wonder how you’re going to manage to squeeze them all into your tiny dining room? You’re also getting tired of pulling out the folding trays – yet again. A larger space would allow for ease of entertaining that would ensure all of your guests are comfortable. Also, it seems that when you do host a dinner party, everyone is keen on wanting to help out and they end up gathering in your small, cramped kitchen leaving you limited space to move around easily. Imagine expanding your kitchen area, allowing you to prepare your meal while friends and family hang out without the frustration of everyone being in your way?