In case you missed it, last week SmartNet Alliance held their fourth episode of their HomeRetrofit Webinar series! Our Lead Designer, Jeff Hurdis, and our Production Manager, Darren Vander Meer were among the presenters.

Together, they discussed the importance of taking a holistic approach to your energy retrofit, both in the design stage and the construction stage. They speak about how involving designers, Energy Advisors, mechanical designers and the construction team early on in the process allows you to create a cohesive design. Additionally, they also touched on Lagois’ Design Build approach, which allows for the design and construction team to always be talking and refining details as needed. Jeff walks us through one of our past projects that used AeroBarrier technology. This project outlines one of the many ways we are striving to improve homeowner comfort by applying building science technologies. These theories can be applied to renovations where we don’t always know what's behind that wall! He also gives his perspective as a designer on the role he plays in the planning process and how to create an energy efficient holistic design.

Darren then follows up by discussing how important it is to create clear building standards and ensuring everyone on the team is on the same page. Exterior insulation is one of the building standards that Lagois aims to use on every renovation. Darren goes into detail about how this can greatly improve your home's energy efficiency. He also discusses the challenges that come with renovating homes of different eras and how we work together and draw on past experiences. This way we can plan for and eliminate as many surprises as possible before we reach the construction phase.

Jeff and Darren work together to provide constant communication between our sites and the design team to create a renovation that not only functions well from an energy perspective, but flows well spatially and aesthetically, and doesn't cost you more in construction.

Watch the full episode below!