Our Founder, Herb Lagois, wrote a guest article in the Ottawa Renovates Magazine! His piece focuses on today’s trend’s in multi-generational households, and if they might work for you. Here is an excerpt:

No surprise, these days: one of the trends we are experiencing is multigenerational living. Whether a coach house (detached dwelling on same property), additions or simply altering existing spaces, families are deciding to live together. It’s something that has been around for centuries, but it seems fairly “new” for North America.

COVID has certainly sped up the demand as affordability becomes more challenged and there is the fear of not being able to see loved ones in retirement homes. Added to this is the need for home offices as many of us now work from home.

Can we live together? Good friends of ours moved in with her daughter’s family. Two years later, even though they had their independent space, they moved out to be on their own. Uncomfortable yet realistic conversations are necessary before you begin.

If you want to read the full article by our Founder, Herb Lagois, check it out here!