What is a flex room?

It’s becoming a popular request among our renovation clients – for both retired couples and young families.

A flex room is typically a room on the main floor of your home. It can have multiple uses. In many cases, because you don’t need stairs to get to it, a flex room is perfect for ageing in place.

A flex room can easily be turned into a bedroom, often complimented with a main floor bathroom. Main floor living, if or when necessary, then becomes simple and effective.

During these difficult pandemic times, where more people are finding themselves at home, either working or self-isolating with kids, a flex room would be a great additional space to have.

A flex room can be your temporary home office, your playroom, the quiet room to escape to – everyone can take turns!

A flex room can also be the space where you could welcome a family member in need (perhaps in keeping with the times we are facing now, in fact.) It could be for an elderly parent or a child home from university.

In “normal times”, the flex room was mostly seen as a means to age-in-place or to welcome an aging parent/grandparent into your home. If your health made it difficult or impossible for you to do stairs, you would have a room that could easily be converted into a bedroom, allowing you to live on the main floor of your home. It was the ideal room for someone recovering from an injury…much better than having to set up camp in the living room for a few months after surgery.

A flex room can be a game-changer. Main-floor living with a flex room can mean the difference between staying in your home or having to move into a retirement home/care facility.

Planning for the future is a great idea if you’re venturing into a major reno. It’s a good idea to uncover the long-term potential of your home.

In the meantime, enjoy your quiet den where you can hide from the kids or set up your temporary home office while you wait, as we all do, for sunnier days.

Take care, everyone.