The Right Fit For You

It was an eye-opening workshop and the first ever for Heritage Ottawa. It was also a perfect opportunity for Herb Lagois, founder of Lagois Design-Build-Renovate, to share critical information with people who love, live in, and maintain old homes.

The workshop, held in October, was called “Who Can Help Me with This Old House?” It was organized by the Workshop Working Group at Heritage Ottawa. The working group is comprised of professionals who have worked in diverse fields concerning heritage conservation and preservation.

The day-long event was designed for owners and prospective owners of older homes to help them learn how to care for their historic property. Each session was presented by professional experts who shared their knowledge and experience. 

The sessions included:

  • Understanding Your Older Home: Its history, local context and evolution
  • The Exterior Environment: Creating an appropriate setting for your home
  • Heritage Properties and Maintenance: How the City of Ottawa can help
  • Financing and Insuring an Older Home
  • Best Sustainability Practices: Tackling conservation issues in your older home
  • A Guide to Seeking Professional Renovation Services.

It was the session about how to find the right renovation services that featured a presentation by Herb Lagois, with a question-and-answer period following.

With more than 40 years of experience in renovation, design and building, Herb told his audience about the perils of choosing the wrong company to renovate or restore their older home. He explained some of the terrible (and expensive) things that often go wrong with the wrong contractor, especially with something as precious, challenging and wonderfully finicky as heritage homes. 

Heritage Ottawa is an award-winning, volunteer-driven, not-for-profit organization that champions the protection and stewardship of Ottawa’s built heritage and cultural places. It promotes public engagement and investment in the protection and enhancement of the city’s heritage for the benefit of present and future generations. 

Following his presentation, Herb shared his most recent book, The Right Fit: How to Choose a Renovator, a 52-page awareness guide outlining all the things that can go wrong ‒ and right ‒ with a company best suited for their project.

To contact Heritage Ottawa, please email or call 613-230-8841.

Photography by John Zvonar