Seasonal home improvement planning (and dreaming) takes time

Some people say the best thing about winter in Canada is that it ends with the sweetness of spring. 

You might be thinking about maximizing the “sweet” season with a well-designed outside where you can entertain, relax, bird-watch and even nap in comfort.

How long will you need to wait for your favourite renovation specialist (Lagois Design-Build-Renovate, of course) to create such an oasis? Unfortunately, it won’t be immediate. If you’re thinking about a backyard remodel or outside kitchen you’ll need to give it lots of time.

For one thing, most professional Ottawa contractors are generally busy, and we’re no different. Just scheduling the remodel could take many months. For another, you’ll have some homework to do before you get to the design stage.

Some things to consider

  • How do you want to spend time in your outdoor space?
  • How much time will you realistically be spending there? 
  • How will a remodel of your yard impact your neighbours?
  • Is there anything ugly that you’d like to block from view?
  • If you have pets, how will you accommodate them so they’re happy without making you miserable? (For example: Will you need a paved area that is easy to clean?)
  • Do you want to entertain, and if so, at what level? With simple back yard barbecues, or meals for a crowd in the full luxury of an outdoor kitchen?
  • Do you have small children or grandchildren, and if so, what are safety considerations?
  • Will you want a shaded area? A pool? A small playground? A horseshoe pit? A golf green? A hot tub? A reading nook? A place for a hammock? What kind of furniture?
  • Will you want a sink and towel storage area for washing up people, pets and dishes before re-entering the house?
  • How will you access your new outdoor living space? Will you need a different doorway? An area just inside the door for wet shoes, pets and clothing?
  • Will you need the area to be accessible for people with mobility challenges?
  • How much of the yard will not be for people but strictly for gardening (flowers, plants, vegetables)?
  • Where and when does the best light happen?
  • Will you want a screened-in area or sunporch? A gazebo? A small shed or playhouse? A covered eating area?
  • What kind of fence or barrier will you want?
  • And perhaps the trickiest question of all: What is a realistic budget for all your wishes?

Once you’ve dreamed and planned, it will be time to call in Lagois Design-Build-Renovate for this wonderfully seasonal home improvement – and let us take it from there. But think ahead. Your options are many. 

Inside and out, here’s to loving where you live.