I’ve been spending more time in my basement than ever!  In December, I purchased a Radon kit from my local health unit to test Radon levels in my house.  Having kids now, I anticipated using the basement more as they will eventually need a playroom, so I thought testing would be a good idea.  In March, that “playroom” became my home office.  Now more than ever, my basement (bonus that it’s nice and cool) is a place I visit daily, for multiple hours a day.  The test kit has to stay in place for at least 3 months, I just mailed it off today and can update you on the results.

Information on Radon:

Canada.ca and Ottawa Public Health explain it best (links below), but in Cole’s notes:

Radon is an odourless gas, naturally released from soil and rock.  When it’s released outdoors, it’s not a concern.  When it’s released in enclosed spaces, like your home, it can accumulate and cause health issues to the occupants.  There are ways to mitigate accumulation.  Testing is the first step in identifying if it’s a concern for your home or not.