Manotick Exterior Remodel

Jeff and Marilyn’s roof line over their garage was shedding water onto their front walkway each time it rained – and in the wintertime, when the water froze, this became a hazard and quite dangerous. The water also trickled onto their guests while standing at the front door. By extending the roofline, we were able to completely cover the front entrance way and voila! – no more slippery ice or soaked guests!

Their 2nd story window flashing at the lower roofline had water penetration that resulted in rotted framing. This was the opportunity to not only replace their windows with double casements with a lovely decorative gable roof but also update and modernize the exterior of their home.

Their front door didn’t compliment the existing brick colours, so Jeff and Marilyn chose a new fibreglass door with a 2-panel planked and arched design that was stained in a rich mahogany finish for a warm and inviting look. Applying new Hardie cement fibre siding to the exterior of the entire house gave it a revived, new look.

For a change from the usual square or rectangular windows, they chose a circular window which is a unique feature that adds character and charm, while at the same time providing natural light in the stairwell area – making it bright and airy.