Canyon Walk

Our homeowner wanted us to make some important aesthetic changes to their outdoor space to allow them to enjoy the space. 

The design challenge was complex. Existing cedar hedge flanking 3 sides of the rear yard was encroaching into the usable area of the rear yard, the positive was the privacy and shading they provided, the nuisance was our client was allergic to them which meant they could not enjoy the space to its full potential. 

Once the hedges were gone, there was then a need for a more modern update which accomplished privacy, was durable and provided shading from the solar exposure. The result, a new custom cedar fence, continuing to and included the side gate and enclosure of the pool pump and equipment. The cedar built in bench has a hinged lid for extra storage. All creating a perfect design for outdoor living.

We relayed existing interlock throughout the space creating a cohesive and seamless design, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the pool area.  The tiered garden beds with minimal plants that enhance the outdoor living space and adhere to the owners request for low maintenance.  The stunning accent lighting that was placed throughout the yard, created a warm and inviting atmosphere during the evening hours and blends in with the surroundings during the day. 

Maintenance free Timbertech decking was used to produce multiple deck areas that created separated space for different backyard experiences.  Whether it is visiting in the lounge area with the propane fireplace (propane tank is hidden behind the wall), or sitting in the canopy daybed reading a book, it is the perfect place to spend the day or night.  Both have custom pergolas to assist with sheltering from the harsh sun while defining independent areas.

Overall, a complete backyard oasis for the family.