When it comes to what applies to a great contractor, there are signs, and there are red flags. Stick with the signs. RUN from red flags.

The signs

  • You know you have great contractors when they do what they say they’ll do. They work to your agreed-upon timeline and budget as closely as possible. 
  • They work as a team among their own staff and with you to make sure your needs are covered and your vision is brought to reality.
  • They care: about you, your family, your project, about a lasting professional relationship.
  • They are communicators. They don’t ever leave you hanging. They answer your calls and messages. They are proactive with issues. 
  • They deliver what they promise, and their warranties prove that.
  • They’re always on top of the latest technology, methods, and materials.
  • They are professional in everything they do, from estimates to contracts to working in your home to final detailed finishing.
  • They leave you feeling you have made a sound decision and a great investment.

The red flags

  • You know they’re likely bad contractors when they don’t give you a timeline, or if they do, they don’t follow it.
  • They want to be paid in cash.
  • They don’t clean up their mess.
  • They don’t promptly return your calls.
  • They don’t seem to care about the latest technologies and materials.
  • They don’t finish the small details.
  • They don’t participate in any related organizations or programs.
  • You don’t know where they are located.
  • And the biggest, “reddest” flag of them of all: They won’t supply a signed contract in writing.

There are many great contractors who will take on your project with respect, commitment and integrity. Unfortunately, there are also the opposite: contractors who are unprofessional or just plain scammers. 

Follow the signs, not the flags.