In a rural area like North Gower (the home of Lagois Design-Build-Renovate), Mohamed Salama’s clients visit his pharmacy from a wide area from communities like Manotick, Kars, Richmond, and Kemptville. And because it’s a rural pharmacy, he knows his people. He knows their families. He cares for them in a way a larger store chain simply can’t.

Mohamed has owned the North Gower Pharmacy for eight years and it’s an important fixture in the community. One of the things he hears about often is the remarkable work of Rural Ottawa South Support Services (ROSSS). The seniors he assists tell him how important it has been for them for many reasons, but especially as a way to get to appointments and to the drug store itself.

“This is not like a city where you can take a bus or even para transportation,” Mohamed says. “And if you’re a senior who doesn’t drive, that can make things really difficult. Our seniors rely on ROSSS.”

ROSSS is an organization that provides affordable, quality health and social programs that support older adults, adults living with disabilities, and their caregivers in rural communities south of Ottawa.

Besides the critical assistance of getting seniors to appointments, ROSSS also provides a wide variety of social programs, home and personal support, assistance to caregivers, hundreds of Meals on Wheels, hours of visiting, respite and foot care.

Lagois Design-Build-Renovate is a big supporter of ROSSS, particularly through its annual motorcycle Ride for ROSSS. 

In a community like North Gower and surrounding areas, Lagois members and Mohamed Salama know how everyone needs to reach out and help especially rural seniors, who might otherwise be so easily forgotten.