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Out with the Old – House Looks Brand New After Major Remodel
Exterior, Interiors, Renovations

Our clients home needed a major remodel to give their exterior a modern update and a practical front entry.  The flat roof on their living room was also leaking and needed to be addressed.

We said goodbye to the brick and aluminum siding and replaced it with stone and cement fibre for this major remodel.  An eyebrow roof delineates the stone and siding and we extended the roof of the main home for weather protection and aesthetic improvement.  Wrought iron railings and stone steps fit in nicely with their natural surroundings and invite visitors to the front door.


A foyer addition allowed the creation of a covered porch area on the outside and an open coatroom and home office extension on the inside.  Round windows were added to the front and side of the home which add style and bring in much needed natural light.

The existing family room with the leaking roof was legally non-conforming and required a minor variance.   Existing defined parking areas further complicated this issue, but we were able to compromise by not extending the front porch across the full width of the addition.  A new sloped roof, with interior vaulted ceilings enhances the visual indoor-outdoor integration of the home.

This new exterior of this major remodel fits in perfectly with the neighboring homes and provides the owner’s with two covered entries to protect them from our Ottawa climate.