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Supporting a Cause That is Close to Our Clients’ Hearts
Achievements | June 8, 2018

At Lagois, it’s common for our team to develop lasting relationships with our clients. We’re often in their homes for months – day in, day out. We get to know them intimately and we’re grateful for the bonds that we forge.

We undertook an ambitious renovation in our clients’ Westboro home that included an expansive 2nd storey addition and an open concept kitchen and living space. The parents of two young children were a joy to work with, and when they approached Lagois to help support a cause dear to their heart, our President, Herb Lagois didn’t hesitate for a second.

The cause in question is the rare genetic condition known as Williams Syndrome, and our clients’ daughter was born with it. Every year, the Canadian Association for Williams Syndrome (CAWS) hosts Walk for CAWS – The Happiest Walk in Canada. The event is happening this Saturday, June 9 at 9:30am at Britannia Park and this will be the second year that Lagois has donated to the fundraiser.

Lagois, Walk for CAWS – The Happiest Walk in Canada

Williams Syndrome is characterized by problems including cardiovascular disease, developmental delays ,and learning disabilities. Striking verbal abilities, highly-social personalities and an affinity for music appear in tandem with these symptoms.

According to our clients, “Many parents who receive the diagnosis have no local resources to turn to. That’s why CAWS works so hard to provide meaningful accessible support to everyone whose life is touched by Williams Syndrome.”

Lagois is more than happy to support CAWS. And it’s not too late for others to do the same. If you want to make a donation to the cause of William’s Syndrome, you can do so here.