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COVID-19: An Update from Herb Lagois, Lagois President
| April 16, 2020

President’s message

Is anyone tired of cleaning?

Well, I am. I’m now discovering corners in our home I never knew existed –
not to mention the little things I’m seeing around the house, like the chip in
the wall beside my monitor.

If you’re seeing things around your home, and you’re not sure how to go
about the task, please reach out to me directly: I hope
I can help guide you through the process. If I can’t, I will be sure to direct it
to one of our team.

Besides discovering corners, I’m really noticing how much I dislike our
1990s ensuite. (I’ve been promising to renovate).

Now might be an opportune time to consider inquiring about our process –
maybe even starting design development.

Although our online video chat techniques can be refined, we’re discovering
how powerful the tools are for effective/remote communication. I suspect
when we get back to our regular busy lives these tools will continue to be

If you’re hoping to start a remodel this year, it’s really hard (at this time) to
say when actual construction can happen efficiently. The positive comment
(something I’ve always preached) is to take the time needed for making the
right decisions, for planning for the success of your remodel or your new
home. In my opinion, the start date is rarely the issue, but the completion
date is a totally different story. Imagine committing to On Time. On

So, as much as I want to start ripping apart our ensuite bathroom right
now, the design is first. One thing I know for sure: the design will account for
ease of cleaning!

One last thing. A HUGE THANK YOU to all the front line folks. Some of the
first-hand stories I hear really hit home: the sacrifices, the concerns, the
efforts…thank you for making a difference in our lives.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Enjoy the opportunities these times give us.

Herb Lagois, Owner Lagois Design Build Renovate
Ottawa’s Renovation Specialists