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Lagois worked with us in designing a 600 square foot extension over our two-car garage and then in supervising the contracting and construction. It was carefully designed to match key features in our 2-story home, such as matching the semi-circular window in the entrance to the house. Thus it looks like the extension was always a part of our house. It may end up as an art studio in the future but is currently rented as an apartment. Thus it has a full bathroom and kitchen, the kitchen, dining room and bedroom sections laid out in an open concept. The unit incorporates in-floor heating powered by the unit’s water heater and thus solves the problem of being built over an unheated garage. There is also air conditioning and tenants are very comfortable. Tenants have their own private entrance via an outside staircase, hidden from the entrance to our house. Thus they are not bothered by us and we are not bothered by them. There is also an inside entrance to the unit from the second story of our house, which is blocked off until it becomes an art studio some day.

Elizabeth & Philip in Ottawa

Last November and December, I had the crew from Lagois Design Build Renovate install a walk-in shower in my condo. In order to do this, they had to remove an existing tub and toilet. This required them to work within the confines of the condo rules and regulations with respect to noise, product removal, use of the elevators to mention just a few of the items they had to deal with over the three weeks or so that the job took to complete.

To say that Lagois accomplished all of this with a very high degree of professionalism would be an understatement. Many of the owners asked about them and the job they were doing.

The finished project was nothing short of amazing. I had help from their design team as well as those who did the actual construction. The team showed up on time and worked causing as little inconvenience to me as possible. Trades came when they promised, work was finished on time and my apartment was left spotless.

I was not only impressed with the design and finished product but also the time and care the team took to make sure the job was done safely. Equipment was neatly stored on site if needed or removed at the end of the work day. A box containing the safety equipment was on site at all times and any trades who entered were made aware of this. In short, every detail no matter how small was taken care of with a level of professionalism that certainly is not that common today based on what friends have told me about similar jobs with others doing the work.

Those who have seen the finished shower are certainly impressed and I know it has provided me and some guests visiting from out of town with very a valuable, attractive and practical addition to my condoI would not hesitate to recommend Lagois Design Build Renovate to all of my friends and have already been asked about the company by others in the condo.

Ron of Ottawa

During construction, Lagois treated our house with respect. Everyone acted like it was their own and we felt comfortable leaving the house in their hands. I came back several times during the reno and the house was always left clean, swept, and with no tools or equipment lying around. This attention to detail made me feel confident that we made the right choice when we chose Lagois. They were trustworthy, knew what they were doing, and always had a plan.

Tom was everything you want in a construction supervisor. I was working with another contractor to waterproof my basement and I hired them to replace a foundation wall. There would only be about 2 weeks when the two companies would have overlapping schedules. However, that didn’t work out. The foundation company had constant delays which resulted in Lagois not having access to the basement or backyard. Tom kept juggling the work schedule around every new delay.  Even with the extensive delays caused by the foundation contractor, Tom made back four weeks of lost time.

Lastly, the foundation company created damage to my house.  The new wall they built passed their engineer’s inspection, but Tom noticed a problem. He took charge and explained to them why it would fail.  I don’t know what would have happened to the house if Tom wasn’t here.

John & On-Yee, 2017