Phase I: Design

Design is our passion

The Lagois Design team will help you make informed decisions throughout the Design Phase.  Our depth of design knowledge and our expertise allows us to anticipate and communicate challenges before they become issues.

These are the steps of our Design Phase that will make your project successful:

  1. Needs Discovery. We will meet with you at your home to review your needs and wishes. We will discuss the problems you are looking to resolve, your short and long term goals, and any specific family requirements that apply.
  2. Examine Existing Conditions. We measure the existing conditions of your home; draw existing plans and research local by-laws.
  3. Create the Design. To help you visualize your design, Lagois creates floor plans and exterior views with 3D images that incorporate your needs and wishes.
  4. Future Needs and Overall Impact. Lagois’ designers specialize in taking a holistic view of your home, which considers your future needs & the impact a renovation may have on your home’s existing infrastructure.
  5. Project Scope and Specifications.  Your project scope identifies what areas and/or rooms are involved in your renovation and the general material selections for those areas.
  6. Budget Assessment. We provide an investment estimate that encompasses both construction costs and related fees (such as designated substance testing and permits).