Phase III: Building

Construction is our specialty

We’ve spent several weeks planning your project, now it’s time to build it! Lagois will oversee your project from start to finish. Lagois takes care of all the details so you can go about your daily routines without worry.

Here are the steps included in the Building Phase:

  1. Secure all permits. Lagois applies for all permits and related legal requirements (such as registration with Ministry of Labour).
  2. Meet the team. You will meet our construction team at your home before we get started. They will provide you with a comprehensive client information binder and get to know your family’s routine, where to store materials, our working hours, and how to access your home.
  3. Construction begins! See your project come to life right before your eyes.
  4. Communication.  We will have regularly scheduled meetings where you can ask your construction team questions and review schedules.
  5. Final Walk Through.  When your project is complete we will schedule a formal walk through to review how to use your new equipment.
  6. Project Binder & Warranty.  We will present you with a binder that includes product warranty documents, critical trade contact information, paint colours, maintenance suggestions and your Lagois 5 year warranty.

Make your project a reality

  • From time to time we like to send our clients helpful advice and information about our services.