Phase II: Details

Thorough planning is our strength

The purpose of Phase II is to finalize the selection of materials, products (such as flooring, plumbing fixtures, siding), produce construction drawings and documentation, establish a solid construction start date/completion date and establish a fixed cost.

The steps of our Details Phase include:

  1. Confirm Assumptions. We will schedule a “Job showing” with the Lagois team, sub-consultants (engineers etc.) & trade partners to professionally identify hidden costs prior to construction starting.
  2. Product and Selection Guidance. To assist with making your selections, we will visit showrooms, provide cost comparisons, & explain the pros and cons of the materials and products you need to select for your project.
  3. Finalize Selections. Final decisions are made on all exterior and interior finishes.
  4. Finalize Investment Costs. Now that your selections have been completed we can determine your exact investment cost.
  5. Formalize Construction Schedule. This schedule includes start dates, critical milestones and completion dates.
  6. Formalize Construction Agreement. This detailed agreement includes your payment schedule based on milestones and comprehensive specifications.