Home Owner’s Health and Safety Responsibilities

Lagois places a strong emphasis on Health and Safety throughout all of our operations. We have an active Joint Health and Safety Committee and our Site Supervisors undergo regular Health and Safety training. Chris Parish, our construction manager, was winner of the Greater Ottawa Home Builders Association’s Safety Award for Small Builders in 2009. Sub-contractors on our construction projects are required to abide by the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations for Construction Projects and our Health and Safety rules.

Lagois participates in the WSIB Construction Safety Groups Program and is a member of the Health & Safety Committee of the Greater Ottawa Home Builders Association (GOHBA). This enables us to achieve Health and Safety success through the pooling of resources, mentoring, and sharing of best practices with other industry leaders.

Our Company is extremely proud of our successes with respect to Health and Safety, and we would be very pleased to discuss our Programs with you in depth.

Health & Safety for Homeowners Planning a Renovation

Home owners considering a renovation must also take health and safety precautions to protect themselves and workers from dangerous designated substances (the most common is asbestos) that may be disturbed during a renovation. We can guide you through your responsibilities as explained at http://www.ihsa.ca/Free-Products/Downloads/W130-Owner-s-Duties-Designated-Substances-on-Co.aspx

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